Our Origins

Turbine Web Solutions started as Freelance Digital in 2001, serving clients throughout the Seattle area as a side business. However, we wanted to work on larger projects and in a wider capacity, and needed a more formal business structure in which to do so. So we reorganized ourselves as an LLC in late 2015 and moved forward.

Since every business is different, our goal is to provide great service and innovative solutions in a way that only custom development can. We want to help you streamline your workflows so your business is more able to leverage its data and enable its people.


James Raley

Owner, Lead Developer

James has enjoyed helping people solve business problems since building his first site in 2001. Growing up in a household where both of of his parents operated seperate small businesses gave him early exposure to business problems faced by all sorts of enterprise: marketing and lead development, estimating, public relations, invoicing, management and training, bookkeeping--the works.

By the time he was 18, he'd worked for thousands of customers though his father's residential window cleaning service--the first of it's kind in the county. Working in people's homes requires trust, reliability, efficiency, on-the-fly problem solving, and solid listening skills. James still follows those ethics.

In his first corporate job as an office assistant for a non-profit, while moonlighting as a developer, he wrote a web application for the non-profit helped the City of Seattle secure millions in HUD funding for dozens of local non-profits by streamlining the grant request processs enough to reduce administrative time on the task by 80%. The county used the same framework the following year and achieved similar results with very little new development.

James also worked in the corporate world for over 10 years as a developer, building tools for a variety of companies across a varieties of sectors. Companies consistently found him resourceful and reliable.

Nowadays, James combines his "full-stack" skills (SQL Server, C#, XML, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and more), his advertising degree and marketing experience, and his love of small business, to build custom web sites and applications that make sense and excites users in the process.