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Less than 1% of US-based companies have more than 500 employees, yet they collectively earn more than half of the business revenue generated in the US.  Moreover, that gap has been widening for the past 20+ years.

Why?  Because big companies invest more into all aspects of their business.

For small business is to succeed, it needs to invest in itself so it can innovate more, streamline better, and respond more quickly to their changing market.

I am a big believer in small business.  While growing up, my mom operated a preschool and my dad started one of the first residential window cleaning businesses in the area.  Though I helped my mom whenever I could, I worked with my dad since the age of 11.  Every day I wasn’t in school, I worked alongside my dad.  My brother joined us a few years later.

As I got older, the three of us worked out processes to help with efficiency and quality.  Customers were consistently impressed we could handle as many as 35-40 houses a week and have only 8 warranty issues a year.  But our admin processes were slow.  My dad was slow to get our first computer, our software was limited in what it could do, and it could take 2-3 hours a night to schedule the next day.  And every effort to add employees scale our business failed to pan out.

My dad was a local pioneer in a lot of ways, but like so many small businesses, we only scraped by.

After finishing college, I joined the corporate world for about 15 years.  I learned that although many companies had packaged software (and eventually subscriptions), the real efficiency and unique strength within each business was how each equipped their staff with unique tools.  Tools that didn’t merely automate, but helped organize, integrate, and leverage the unique data and business processes of a company.

Turbine brings together my corporate experience and my small business roots.

A turbine is designed to turn motion (of water, wind, etc) into electrical energy.  And that’s the idea behind Turbine Web Solutions. From sales to production to accounting, we weave the unique business processes and training of your organization into custom software that promotes both.  The result is greater efficiency with a simpler workflow.

James Raley
Founder, Owner, Principal Developer

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