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Web Applications

Big Power for Small Business.

Web Applications

Big Power for Small Business.

Leverage 15+ years of commercial development experience from a wide mix of industries and projects, and a lifetime of small business experience.

5 stars via Google Reviews

Jim has been doing our web design and business programming for over 10 years. He is responsive and reliable when we need to make changes, are having technical difficulties, or need something new created. I would highly recommend him for any of your programming or web needs!

Jen Edwards


5 stars via Google Reviews

We have worked with Jim at Turbine Web Solutions for the last 2 years on a business critical client application. He is responsive, suggests ways we can optimize the platform and is always willing to jump in at the last minute if things go awry! Highly recommend Jim and Turbine Web Solutions.

Alex Ryan

Evolve Solutions Group


Engineering is about solving problems with limited options. We have a long history of solving complex problems with elegant solutions.


We ask questions and brainstorm alongside you so we can build things that will work for your clients and team alike over the long-term.


How often do you come across a pro-active vendor? One that goes the extra mile, joins in your quest, and really partners with you? We are ” all in”.

Services We Offer


Different by Design

Getting ahead of the competition often involves innovative features that make your web application special and distinct.

We keep dependencies on third-party SaaS platforms and tools to a sensible minimum, giving you a more stable application that isn’t vulnerable to rising subscription fees, platform outages, or license restrictions.

We protect your custom software investment by using enterprise-grade programming languages, databases, and design strategies. This keeps your application from getting slower as users increase.

Rather than scatter your data across multiple rented platforms, we believe in owning your own data.  We keep it consolidated in your own system, enabling you to leverage the end-to-end data. This really helps with reports, regulatory needs, and long-term continuity of your data.


Is there an app for everything? Perhaps, but often not quite what you need.

We strive to provide reliable web applications that do their job over the long-term.  In fact, a number of our projects have been in service for 5-10 years with no broken functionality. How? We avoid cobbling solutions together from perhaps dozens of open-source projects. This means less “glue” code to fill in the gaps, giving you leaner, stronger, more secure and streamlined software with fewer moving parts to break.

Communication is vital during the development process, so we keep all of our work in the United States and do the work ourselves. 

To ensure quality, we write feature-specific automated tests to make sure things work as they should–something that is generally only done by big companies with their own IT departments.


Perhaps you already have a web application, but the original developer has moved on.

How are you going to get the features you want to add? What about the regulatory changes you need to address? Do you need to start over?

We are glad to get our hands dirty.  We’ll learn your database and analyze your code–even if we didn’t write it, then give you those features you had in mind.

If we see an issue, we’ll alert you to it and provide a strategy to remediate it.

Though many developers “build and go”, we stick with you for the long-term, building new features to keep up with the changes in your business. And all accounts created (domain and hosting, for example) are put in your name, not ours. No more getting locked out of your own vendor accounts or getting charged extra fees by middle-men!

Our Latest Work

office team at work

 A consultant purchased a web-based survey system on behalf of a multi-national client long ago, but it needed custom features.

Two previous development teams had failed to accurately provide the necessary changes.

After careful analysis, Turbine wrote the changes, added custom tests to verify accuracy, and successfully delivered the changes on time without harming the original code.

stethoscope alongside laptop

A medical device company needed a way to access past orders from a third-party order processing system. But the system was generic and didn’t provide the feature. And they were on a regulatory deadline.

Turbine dove into the original database–even speaking with the original vendor–and produced a custom internal tool to do the job and personally installed it onsite within the two week deadline.

When one of our clients asked us to change a feature in an eLearning education system we built for them years ago to accommodate regulatory and workflow changes, we didn’t hand them off to a subcontractor or tell them the code was too old.

Instead, we pulled our old copy of the app from our archive and made the necessary changes to the code and database, carefully tested the changes, and posted it all in under a month.

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