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The Work We Do

A potential software partner should be judged by the impact it makes for its clients.

Turbine Web Solutions enables businesses and non-profits alike to scale in capability and efficiency in ways off-the-shelf platforms can’t match.

We do this by designing and building succinct, custom software solutions built to fit your organization’s business processes, yet grow with your long-term needs:

  • Automation
  • Dashboards
  • ECommerce
  • Email Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Client, Vendor, and Employee Portals
  • PDF Generation Tools
  • Databases
  • Donor Management
  • eLearning (LMS)
  • Survey and Tracking Platforms
  • Automation
  • Payment Systems
  • Membership Platforms
  • Permission-Specific Features
  • Configurable Calculators
  • Integrations
  • API Development
  • Migrations
  • Websites optimized for SEO

The Differences We’ve Made

A medical company’s third-party order tracking platform didn’t include the ability to search and review archived orders and needed a solution as per FDA requirements.  And they needed it within 2 weeks.

The platform had no way to integrate with it.  Nonetheless, Turbine Web Solutions worked directly with the original vendor to ensure a smooth integration directly with the database.  The result was a custom solution to enable search and viewing of order documentation within the timeframe requirements.

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A logistics company needed to send and receive text messages to coordinate activities with clients all over the world, and was using a separate platform to do it.

Turbine Web Solutions integrated 2-way texting into their existing software and stored conversations alongside the client accounts, efficiently providing an archive for reference and compliance while eliminating the need to juggle platforms.

When a big name marketing agency let a law firm down too many times to continue, the law firm called on us to migrate everything so they could cancel the agency without losing their website.

With only a month to work with before the current site was deleted, Turbine replicated the client’s full site and migrated the contents–including the blog, from the agency’s CMS (content management system). 

Moreover, we provided a custom control panel that enabled staff to update website content without getting bogged down with widgets and toolbars. We also saved the client over $1,200 a month in agency fees in the process.

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A client needed a fast way to bulk upload documents to multiple accounts without logging into yet another platform.

Turbine Web Solutions delivered a custom solution in just a couple weeks, and dovetailed it into their existing workflows.  Without asking them to start over with an entirely new system.

A retiree turned community florist needed a small website that could handle payments and handle scheduling.

Turbine Web Solutions provided her with a small custom site that looked great in any screen size, handled payments and delivery schedules without using mismatched widgets, and integrated into her Google Calendar.

We even incorporated ordering “rules” to protect her capacity and schedule limits.

stacked cargo containers at a dock

A short-haul trucking company had a 20-year old Microsoft Access database that needed a new home, as well as a customer invoicing portal that hadn’t worked in years.

Turbine Web Solutions worked with their IT vendor to migrate their database to a new server.  We also built a new invoicing portal within a month, complete with custom search and filtering features that helped users find what they were looking for without scrolling through report pages.

A mom turned entrepreneur had a great idea for a directory-style startup, but needed a development partner to help her make happen without requiring involving investors.

Within 6 months, Turbine Web Solutions designed and built an affordable end-to-end web application that exactly fit her requirements list, including a tiered subscription system and integration with Google Maps so visitors could see where every location in her directory was located.

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A small service company with over a dozen offices throughout their state was paying thousands of dollars a month to a separate sites for each and needed a more efficient way to manage the company’s growing web presence.

Turbine Web Solutions created a single site, automatically tuned for SEO, that enabled employees to manage info for all their locations from a custom control panel while ensuring each location’s page followed a consistent format. 

Our effort reduced the client’s hosting fees by 90%.

One of our clients has been providing financial eLearning long before the tech world entered the picture.

Thanks to a custom enrollment system, lesson and Q&A engine, and a control panel that’s tailor-made to their specific business proceses, they’ve enjoyed 10 years of efficiency with the custom software designed and built by Turbine Web Solutions, as well as ongoing support and changes as needed by their highly regulated industry.

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The busy marketing department of a clinic needed a more efficient way of updating their large website.

Turbine Web Solutions migrated all of the clinic’s pages and blog posts while building a custom content management system.  The system enabled the team to update content instead of pages, dramatically reducing how long it takes to make changes and automatically ensuring pages looked consistent.

A 20+ person company had a finance department that spent quite a bit of time entering accounts payable and accounts receivable into QuickBooks.

Turbine Web Solutions constructed an end-to-end project management system customized to use their terminology and workflows.  The streamlined solution included a robust QuickBooks automation and integration for both AR and AP, doubling the efficiency of the department and removing the monthly expense of temporary help.

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